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Held in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the APDS includes an intensive 2-day course on the historical development and current status of today's advanced absorbent products. Comprehensive presentations on the materials, components and chemistry necessary for superior products are delivered by industry experts from major worldwide companies. The conference concludes on the third day with a tour of the MTS airlaid facilities and laboratories for optimizing materials, product construction and performance of absorbent systems.


Nonwovens Technology Conference

The Nonwovens Technology Conference provides advanced information for those who are familiar with the industry. Focusing on advances in nonwoven fabric technologies, strategic approaches to the ever-changing economics of raw materials, and real-world applications for the absorbent personal hygiene products and wipes sectors, this event is usually held in Europe and includes tours of local, pertinent nonwoven facilities when available.


MTS Exec utive Short Course in Absorbent Products

MTS executive-level short courses are widely acclaimed as offering more useable information than other available sources. While technically oriented and detailed, the study of heavy chemistry and equations is NOT part of this briefing. It makes extensive use of practical demonstration videos and provides explanations of the proprietary knowledge base required to understand the terms, the business and manufacturing within the industry. MTS sponsors short courses that are open to the industry, or special custom short courses can be arranged at your location.

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The INSIGHT Conference was purchased by INDA in 2014. 

Historical INSIGHT International Conference Proceedings are available from 1979-2013 from MTS.