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First Look at the Program
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Innovation & Advancement for Hygiene Articles
• James C. Robinson, Technical Manager
-- BASF Corporation

Trends in Pants and Liners — Incontinence Product Growth Segments
• Pricie Hanna, Managing Partner
-- Price Hanna Consultants, LLC

Future Senior Incontinence Products — Odor Control Strategies Using Cellulosies
• G. Graham Allan, Professor
-- University of Washington

Peering Through the Fog on SAP
• Ian Davenport, President
-- Davenport International Associates LLC

New Fluff-Free Core Manufacturing Technology
• Uwe Peregi, Executive VP &GM
-- Herrmann Ultrasonics, Inc.

Reducing Fluff in Cores: Approaches, Testing & Performance Consideration
• Diane Toonen, Global Director of Strategic Marketing
-- Bostik, Inc.

The Vortex Effect: Liquid Holding Properties for Fluffless and Thinner Diapers
• Barbara Bulleri, Sales & Marketing Director
-- Texsus S.p.A.

Ultra-Thin Absorbent Solutions Enabling Design of Garment Like Disposables
• Henning Roettger, Director, Product Development

-- Glatfelter Falkenhagen GmbH

Weaving Through Recent Patent Litigation Cases in the Nonwoven Industry: Issues and Strategies — Part 1
• Troy Grabow, Partner & Attorney at Law
-- Finnegan and Henderson

Weaving Through Recent Patent Litigation Cases in the Nonwoven Industry: Issues and Strategies — Part 2
• Rick Jezzi, Principal
-- A.D. Jezzi & Associates, Inc.

Bridging the Gap Between NW and Film Acquisition Layers in High-Performance Absorbent Systems
• Matt O'Sickey, Director R&D Consumer Care
-- Tredegar Film Products

Disruptive Raw Materials and Technologies for New Nonwoven Products and Markets
• Adrian Wilson, Editor
-- Sustainable Nonwovens

Backsheet Evolutions: Graphic Options, New Trends and Soft Variants
• Alessandro Cella, Marketing Director Europe
-- Teksis Europe - Hassan Group

The Evolution of Adult Diaper — How the Product Changed — How the Machine Changed
• Dario Di Lullo, Area Sales Manager
-- Cellulose Converting Solutions S.p.A.

Butterfly — A New Kind of Feminine Hygiene Disposable
• Kelly Lewis Brezoczky, CEO
-- Butterfly Health, Inc.

Challenge and Solutions for Flushable Wipes Development
• Maureen B. Nunn, Senior Technical Service Scientist
-- Dow Chemical Company

Fiber Shape and Design for Purpose
• Sebastian Basel, Business Manager Speciality Papers
-- Kelheim Fibres GmbH

Small On-Site Airlaid Machines — Opportunities for Converters
• Jens Erik Thordahl, Senior Airlaid Specialist
-- CAMPEN Machinery A/S

New Nonwovens for Building Material Applications
• Joy Jordan, New Business Development Leader
-- Kimberly-Clark Corporation

"Breaking Up is Hard To Do"... Novel Technology for a Dispersible Future
• Richard P. Knowlson, VP Product Development
-- Jacob Holm Industries

Elastic Films and Laminates for Diaper Closure Systems — MD Elastic Films for Adult and Baby Pants
• Fabrizio D'Amico, Commercial Director

Comfort Meets Functionality: Skin-Friendly Solutions for Adult Incontinence
• Martin Häubl, Project Manager Innovation & Business Development Nonwovens
-- Lenzing

Adhesive Formulations Using New Metallocene Propylene Performance Polymers for Hygiene Applications
• Jennifer J. Austin, Senior Staff Chemist, Adhesives
-- ExxonMobil Chemical Company

The Future Prospects for Hygiene Markets
• Dave Rousse, President

A Moment Ago
• Elizabeth Hanson, Manager
-- Marketing Technology Service, Inc.

Wal-Mart’s ASSURANCE — The Untold Story
• Frank Glaug, Technical Director Pants
-- SCA Global Hygiene AB

The Limits of Thin
• James P. Hanson, Director
-- Marketing Technology Service, Inc.

- This Program is Subject to Change -

  Daily Sessions (Monday-Wednesday) start at 9:00 a.m.
  The Thursday Session starts at 8:15 a.m.
  Lunches are on your own.
  Delegate Badges are REQUIRED.
  All persons taking advantage of the INSIGHT 2014 Conference MUST be Registered Delegates.


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