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Serving the nonwovens industry since 1986, Nonwovens World--A Journal for Management has discontinued publishing the magazine as of the Fall 2007 issue.  Click the link below for a letter from the Publisher.

Letter from the Publisher

NONWOVENS WORLD Magazine Article Archive

Nonwovens World's complete archive of articles from 1986-2007 is available for $25.00 per article. 

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Conference Proceedings

Historical Conference Proceedings

MTS has sponsored international conferences since 1979 with hundreds and hundreds of conference papers available for $25 per article. These conference proceedings contain one-time only first presentations of technical information of special interest to patent attorneys and researchers. They are found nowhere else including any other searchable database. 

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Multi-Client Reports

Multi-Client Reports Archive

This archive lists multi-client reports produced and sold in the 80's and early 90's. Call MTS at 269-375-1236 for tables of content and pricing information. 

Multi-Client Report Archives

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