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Product and Materials Testing

Marketing Technology Service, Inc. has provided quality information and confidential services to the paper, nonwovens and absorbent products industries since 1978.  A unique combination of true technical expertise, extensive product testing data and a worldwide high-level information network makes MTS the leading information company serving the absorbent products industry with more than 700 client companies.  MTS conducts extensive single-client design and performance testing and also licenses superior product designs to interested companies.  MTS has helped with the concept and design of many familiar products and materials on a confidential basis.  

With over 35 years of experience serving the paper and nonwovens industry, MTS has unique insight in absorbent materials development, certification, and product design improvements.  MTS handles hundreds of design projects for worldwide companies involving new materials, improving product designs and comparing competitive performance of finished products. 

Most "standard" lab tests can be performed by our skilled technicians but MTS is best known for its extensive absorbent products testing equipment and advanced testing techniques which go far beyond "standard" tests.  These methods are totally predictive of real world performance for diapers, feminine products, adult incontinence disposables and nonwovens and absorbent materials. 

Services include prototyping, making superabsorbent and other composite fabrics on airlaid pilot plant equipment and performance comparison of finished disposable and fabric products.  Call 269-375-1236 to schedule your confidential testing project.

Science-based testing using the most advanced equipment for:

  • Performance comparison of baby diapers, adult incontinence, feminine hygiene, wipes, all types of absorbent materials, nonwoven fabrics and absorbent paper products.
  • Independent lab certification for:

  • Product-to-product ratings
  • Materials use and design analysis
  • Competitive material performance
  • Fluff Pulp Defibration Energy and Nits
  • Liquid Acquisition rates
  • Capacity and retention behavior
  • Absorption rate and load retention behavior
  • Spreading and wicking speed
  • Rewet, feel and softness panels
  • Flaw analysis and cost characterization
  • Many others, most other tests used in the industry can be performed as well