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New in 2007 - The MTS Nit Counter (click for details)

New - Advanced Testing Dosage System (click for details)

Absorption TesterAbsorption Tester TopAbsorption Tower
This device measures how much liquid a core can absorb at various flow rates, how much is retained when pressure is applied and how much collapse occurs.  Testing variables include pad density, type and amount of superabsorbent, thermal bonding parameters, etc.

Acquisition TesterAcquisition TesterAquisition Tester Top
The most recent addition to the MTS Testing System, the Dynamic Acquisition Tester evaluates in real time how well liquids get into the absorbent core at any flow rate.  This test generates precise data for adjusting absorbent core density, acquisition layer construction and coverstock systems to optimize liquid penetration.  This device was developed to research new generations of ultrathin diapers and pads for the high-tech products of tomorrow.

Slant TesterSlant Tester
Used for testing surface qualities of coverstocks as well as the penetration of liquid into finished products.
Retention TesterRetention/Rewet Tester
This device is used for determining the rewet and surface dryness of final products or new materials and for improving coverstock performance for better skin care. 

Walking Mannequin TesterMannequin TestersMannequin Testers
A complete collection of styles of baby-, child- and adult-size mannequins is used to assess fitting characteristics,  elastic systems and overall leakage performance in various body positions and simulating both sexes.  MTS also offers custom shapes, moving mannequins and mannequins with realistic body weights.  Click here for available sizes and dimensions.

Demand Wettability TesterAutomated Demand Wettability Tester
Useful for assessing liquid take-up properties of pads made of various fibers and superabsorbents.  The demand Wettability tester can compare the rates and absorbent capacities of various fluff pulps, superabsorbents, proposed new materials and absorbent cores at different densities.
Contour Spreading TesterSpreading and Wicking Testers.
Body-shaped, horizontal and vertical liquid spreading testers use electronics to measure how well the pad acceptsHorizontal Spreading Tester and moves liquid.  Both spreading speed and total amount of liquid actually moved can be determined.  The Vertical Spreading Testerhorizontal tester is especially useful for studying variable density diaper designs.  Vertical wicking is used to measure quality of fluff pulp.  

Kamas Laboratory HammermillOther MTS Laboratory Resources

Kamas Laboratory Hammermill (MTS Laboratory in-house testing only)
In addition to its ability to determine defibration energy costs of various materials, the Kamas Laboratory Hammermill produces prototype pad samples of different sizes, shapes and SAP compositions for testing new concepts.Fluff Pulp Nit Counter

NEW IN 2007!  The MTS Nit Counter, used in conjunction with the Kamas Mill and MTS TESTING System, provides further details of pulp quality obtained from processing pulps under various commercial equipment settings and conditions.  




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